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Party Planning Guide

    Developing a Party Theme for your special event or occasion will help coordinate all the elements of your event easier. Your guests will thank you making the celebration so very special. 

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Choosing a Theme:

1. An easy way to choose a theme is to shop for the Paper plates and napkins first. Build a theme around the picture or print on the plates. this will always give your event a natural tie-in with the coordinating decorations.

2. There are so many sources from which to draw when choosing a theme. 

    You may want to use an occupation, movie or cartoon character, hobby, special event, holiday, place, sport, a special song, poem, book or movie, historical eras, cities, foreign countries, just to name a few. Certain motifs may be more expected, especially if you choose to celebrate around the holidays. Choose themes where you can vary the motif. For example if you choose a Christmas theme, try using angels, Santa, snowflakes or bells, if you choose to use Valentine's Day, try using a cupids, candy hearts, Love & Kisses or animal prints. 

3. If you use a nature theme incorporate the use of plants, flowers, trees and include a variety of colors and textures. The use of butterflies or birds brings 

a lovely touch of nature to a theme. Use geographic regions in nature to pull a theme together such as the beach, mountains, a lake, or an island. 

4. If you have a special hobby or collection, you could bring items to use as centerpieces or just for display. Ask a friend or family member, with a unique collection, to share their items for a day. Many people have great collections of angels, snowmen, dolls, bells or other items related to a particular theme. 

5. The possibilities are endless.

Creative Elements:

Motif = Is the visual representation of your theme, which is created by the use of objects or symbols. If you use the theme "Hearts" you may want to incorporate the use of a cupids or hearts with arrow to represent Love is in the Heart. Carry this theme in all the aspects of planning the event. Invitations, decorations, Paper goods, centerpieces, party favors, etc. Use different elements to pull a theme together.


    Pick several theme ideas and see how many words relate to the theme that 

you can play off of to developed the theme. 


Movies = film, director, stage lights, movie camera, actors, stuntmen, music, stars, Oscar, premier, marquee, popcorn, clapboard, scripts, etc. 

Wild West = horses, cowboys, guns, barbwire, country music, cowboy hats, chaps, bandannas, plaid shirts, branding irons, etc. 




   Decide on what atmosphere or mood you want to create. this is where you want to refer back to your list of words.  Add words to the list that will portray your mood. If you choose a Fiesta theme you may include bright colors for Mexico, piρatas, maracas, sombrero hats as center pieces, etc. Continue these elements throughout the event. Invitations use the mexicali fonts.


You'll want to select a color scheme that are used primarily in the theme you have chosen. Most themes are related to a way of life or a dream, which in your experiences or research usually have a tone or colors that relate that memory or experience to you. Colors set the tone of your theme, so be sure to carry them throughout the party. 


The texture of the decorative items you choice will express the look and

feeling of your theme. Fiesta = straw hats, piρatas, bright color Paper mache; 

Halloween= black backdrops, hanging figures, orange pumpkins, etc.

     It make you look organized, imaginative, resourceful, and a good host or hostess working to make your guest feel comfortable and entertained.  Incorporate your theme into all areas of the event, the invitations, the publicity, registration, food, decorations, entertainment to reinforce the overall effect.                     


    Evite invitations for your special occasions.