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Retro Hanging Decorations

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Have the memories or symbols of peace era streaming down on guests with our Retro hanging decorations of tye dyes, daisies, piece signs and smiley faces, thus contributing to your Retro decorations.
Retro Mini Flower Fans Retro Mini Flower Fans

Our Retro Mini Flower Fans have the look of red, light blue, purple, orange, yellow and hot pink flowers. The mini flower Fans measure 6 inches across, are made of Paper cardstock, and come in a package of 6 along with the string to hang them. These Retro Mini Flower Fans can be hung from the ceiling or used as centerpieces for your 60's or retro themed party!

Retro String Decorations

Retro String Decorations

Our Retro String hanging Decorations shows off gold, pink, red, purple and hot pink metallic peace signs. Each package of Retro String Decorations include six strands that measure 6 foot long each and are made of metallic foil. The Retro String Decorations will look fantastic dangling from your ceilings and doorways.

International Flag Whirls

International Flag Whirls

Peace Sign Danglers are perfect for your Retro party! Peace Sign Danglers hang 3 feet 4 inches down. Hang them from the ceiling, window, or entryway! Peace Danglers come in a package of five.



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