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Retro Party Favors

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Half the fun of giving a party is seeing guests enjoy themselves. So, greet your guests with our Retro favors packs for guests to collect our retro party favors as peace sign beads, peace glasses, bracelets and candies.

Round Metal Frame Sunglasses

Round Metal Frame Sunglasses

Our Round Metal Frame Sunglasses have a retro feel and will be a smash at any 60's inspired retro party. The Round Metal Frame Sunglasses come in an assortment of tinted shades - blue, purple or pink. Get your groove on with these funky Round Metal Frame Sunglasses.


Peace Necklace

Peace Necklace

Our Peace Necklaces come in assorted colors of gold and silver. Each package contains twelve plastic peace sign necklaces. The necklace features a non-stretchy cord which measures approximately 13 inches long and fits most children and teens. The peace sign medallion measures 3 inches in diameter and has a metallic finish.

Peace Sign Beads

Peace Sign Beads

These Peace Sign Beads are blue, green, gold, orange, purple and red mini peace signs with accenting beads. Each strand of peace sign beads is 33 inches long and made of plastic. Had these out to your guest so that they can look groovy at your next retro party!

Hershey's Chocolate Tie Dye Personalized Candy Bars

Hershey's Chocolate Tie Dye Personalized Candy Bars;

this Tie Dye Candy Bar features a swirl of retro colors along with your Personalized text on both sides of this retro candy bar wrapper. Each Retro Chocolate Bar is 1.5 ounces of real chocolate. Choose your favorite chocolate flavor from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate or milk chocolate crisp. Each candy bar measures 5 1/4 inches long x 2 inches wide. Wanna provide your own candy bars? No problem. Opt for the Tie Dye Candy Bar Wrapper only. For easy assembly we suggest using our Permanent Adhesive Tape.

60's Party Buttons

60's Party Buttons

Our 60's Party Buttons have funky colors and styles on each button. Our retro buttons are made of metal and are sold in packages of five and include the following slogans: Love, Make Love Not War, Flower Power, Peace and the hand mimicking the peace sign. The Peace button measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter while the other four measure 1 1/3 inches. These wild and colorful 60's Party Buttons are great to use for party favors or prizes at your next retro or disco party or event.

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