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Candy Land Party Activities

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Guests enjoy activities at any party and our Candy party activities are no different. Your guests of any age will enjoy Candy theme piρatas.

Pinata Filler Bag Pinata Filler Bag

Use our Pinata Filler Bag to stuff your pinata Our 2 pound pinata filler bag is filled with approximately 14 pounds of candy - Smarties Double Bubble Tootsie Rolls Sweet Tarts and Atomic Fire Balls just to name a few - and 6 pounds of fun toys and trinkets Kids of all ages will love the great mix of candy and toys our pinata filler has to offer Think outside the box and use the pinata filler to throw into the crowd at parades

Peppermint Drop Walkway Peppermint Drop Walkway

The Peppermint Drop Walkway feature the swirl pattern of peppermint drops Use the red and white cardboard disks to create the perfect walkway for any gingerbread house or create your own version of Candy Land Each of the 12 peppermint disks come in packages of 6

Sweet Lollipop Walkway Sweet Lollipop Walkway

Our Sweet Lollipop Walkway features brightly colored - red yellow orange white blue and green - cardboard disks with the look of old fashioned lollipops Each one-sided sweet lollipop cutout comes in a set of six and measures 12 in diameter Create a fabulous walkway for any Candy Land themed party with the affordable Sweet Lollipop Walkway




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