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Prom Background Material

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Many options are available to help you transform your room quickly and easily! So, whether you're creating a romantic garden or a stellar event with shooting  stars, we have solid and patterned background material to fit any theme!

Glow Star Gossamer


Create dramatic effects with gossamer's sheer decorating material. Gossamer comes in rolls of fabulous patterns and colors. Gossamer is available in gossamer streamers, solid gossamer, patterned gossamer, star gossamer, mottled gossamer and metallic gossamer


Soda Shop Photo Backdrop


A backdrop is quick and attractive way to add a bold touch to your decorating. Backdrops and borders will help make your other party decorations stand out. Look at our many theme oriented back drops and borders. The use of  seamless Paper or poly vinyl will work well with are other decorating backgrounds.  


Cobblestone Patterned Flat Paper

Flat Paper

Flat Paper is great for covering large areas in a snap. Available in many patterns to work well with Party theme or in solid colors that you can paint over to create signs, backdrops or other decorations. Tropical Events can be decorated without bamboo patterned flat Paper.


Gold Die Cut Star Curtain

Metallic Curtains

Metallic curtains will add glamorous touch to your decorating. You can hang the curtains indoor ways for grand entrance or to divide spaces. Look through our selection of decorative curtains  Dazzling doorways and entrances can be created with our metallic, beaded, holographic, and bamboo curtains.


Dark Blue Seamless Paper

Seamless Paper

Seamless Paper is available in patterns and solids to fit your decorating needs. Use water seamless Paper for wall decor for a nautical theme. Try corrugated Paper for a wavy look. The use of our flat Paper to add a smooth colorful wall look as background for other decorative material.




Evite invitations for your special occasions.