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New Year's Props

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Decorate your New Year's Eve event  with time related party supplies to enhance the theme of waiting for the count down to New Year's eve 12am into the next year.

Almost Midnight Party Hat Standee

Almost Midnight Party Hat Standee

Giant Big Ben Standee W/ Rotating Clock

Giant Big Ben Standee


Enchanted Clock Face Large

Large Clock Face Standee


New Years Clock Standee

New Year's Clock Standee

Captivating Clock Standee Small

Captivating Clock Standee Small


  • Our 7 ft. Almost Midnight Party Hat Standee features a silver party hat with a black clock design that may have your custom text printed. Each free-standing party hat measures 84 inches tall x 46 inches wide and printed on cardboard. Use our Almost Midnight Party Hat Standee as a background for your New Year's Eve photos or as a cute and Personalized addition to your party decorations!
  • Our 9 ft. 7 in. Giant Big Ben Standee with Rotating Clock is printed to look like the top of London's famous tower. this cardboard prop measures an amazing 9 feet 7 inches high x 4 feet 8 inches wide and includes a rotating clock hand. Easy The Giant Big Ben Standee with Rotating Clock will be the talk of your party.
  • Our exclusive 46 in. Large Clock Face Standee feature a gold casing with Roman numeral on a white clock face. The one-sided cardboard pocket watch standees come in two great sizes - 28 or 46 inches diameter. Use these free-standing standees to decorate any time themed party or add the whimsy of the White Rabbit and add them to any Wonderland themed party
  • Our 5 ft. New Year's Clock Standee has the looks of a clock approaching the midnight hour with a background of black with twinkle stars and your custom personalization. Each free-standing Midnight Clock Standee is made of cardboard and measures approximately 5 feet high x 5 feet wide and is printing on one side only.
  • this 2 ft. 6 in. Captivating Clock Standee Small features a black clock face with silver and white numbers and accents. Each Small Captivating Clock Standee measures 2 feet 6 inches in diameter and is printed on one side of cardboard. The Small Captivating Clock Standee will accent your elegant party perfectly.
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