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    Mardi Gras Prop Standees

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    Whether a large or small Mardi Gras celebration will be a winner with our large or small prop standee decorations which with other Mardi Gras decorations will be a Fat Tuesday for all your guests to remember. Select from float standee kits, mask standees, masquerade street signs and fabulous Mardi Gras columns.

Mardi Gras Music Kit

Mardi Gras Music Kit

Masquerade Filigree Mask Standee

Masquerade Filigree Mask

Rio Carnival Mask Column

Rio Carnival Mask Column


Jack In The Box Standee

8 ft. Jack in the Box Standee

Dragon Standee

8 ft. Dragon Standee

Mardi Gras Directional Signs Mardi Gras Directional Signs

3 ft. 10 in. Rio Feather Mask Standee

Rio Feather Mask Standee

Masquerade Ball Couple Blue Set/2 Pink Masquerade Standees Masquerade Pianist Masquerade Pianist Standee

Mardi Gras Ball Oval Mask

Mardi Gras Oval Mask

5 ft. Mardi Gras Giant Cutout Standee

Mardi Gras Giant Standee

Mystique Oval Mask 6'

Large Mystique Oval Mask

  • Set the scene for a marvelous Mardi Gras with our Mardi Gras Music Kitt. This kit includes a balloon arch along with other props to turn your event into a Mardi Gras magic. The Mardi Gras Music Kit includes: 1 - Sax Balloon Arch 1 - Jazz Sax Player Standee 1 - Olympus Balustrade
  • Go all out for your Mardi Gras parade with this 8 ft. Jack in the Box Standee accessory. Each Jack In The Box Float Standee is made of cardboard and stands 8 feet high x 9 feet wide. Jack in the Box standee comes with gold fringe. Free Standing.
  • Top off your Mardi Gras event with this 8 ft. Dragon Standee. Each Dragon Float accessory standee comes with a purple fringe and is 8 feet high x 9 feet wide. Free standing.
  • Your Mardi Gras event will be a hit with this 5 ft. 8 in. Biker Fish Standee. Each free standing Biker Fish Float Standee comes with green fringe and is 5 feet 8 inches high x 9 feet 2 inches wide.
  • this Masquerade Filigree Mask Standee features brightly colored blue and green feathers with gold accents and twinkles. Each Feather Mask Standee measures 3 feet 10 inches high x 6 feet wide and is free-standing.
  • Our exclusive Rio Carnival Mask Column is printed in rich greens, blues and gelds, and features a green mask with gold embellishments at it's top. Each Rio Carnival Mask Column measures 9 feet high x 2 feet 10 inches wide and is made from sturdy cardboard. Place a Rio Carnival Mask Column on each side or your party entrance or fill empty spaces with this uniquely decorated column.
  • Our unique Masquerade Filigree Mask Standee boasts a black elegant filigree design on a pink background. this one-sided, cardboard prop measures 3 feet 4 inches high x 7 feet 6 inches wide. Add style to your venue with this Masquerade Filigree Mask Standee.
  • Our exclusive Harlequin Masquerade Mask Standee has a glitzy harlequin patterned background and a pink outline. this one-sided, cardboard prop is 2 feet 10 inches high x 6 feet wide. Easy assembly is required to make it free-standing with the included brace. this Harlequin Masquerade Mask Standee makes an excellent photo prop for your event.
  • Accent your Mardi Gras dance floor with this Mardi Gras Oval Mask. Each free-standing cardboard Mardi Gras Oval Mask is 7 feet high x 5 feet wide. The Mardi Gras Oval Mask is perfect for your Mardi Gras or Bourbon Street themed event.
  • The Giant Mardi Gras Mask standee is printed directly on the cardboard for quick and The standee includes curling ribbon and balloon accents. Printed on one side. Each Mardi Gras Mask standee is 5 feet high x 3 1/2 feet wide. City Street Light These realistic plastic lamp posts are 6 feet high x 1 feet wide and feature a candle bulb that you plug in. Bulb included. The banner design shown is MBNCAC. Not intended for outdoor use.
  • This one-of-a-kind Large Mystique Oval Mask has the look of a porcelain mask painted in rich purple and greens accented with a gold filigree pattern. Each one-sided Large Mystique Oval Mask measures 6 feet 10 inches high x 4 feet 9 inches wide and is made from sturdy cardboard. Stand the Large Mystique Oval Mask at the entrance of your party venue or hang them on your venue walls for a magical Mardi Gras look.
  • This 59 in. long x 30 in. high x 20 in. deep Lighted Masquerade Mask is lit with twinkle lights. Each Masquerade mask is made of wire and painted purple. Use this mask at your Mardi Gras event year after year.
  • These exclusive Mardi Gras Directional Signs are printed with your own wording to add that special touch to your event. this free-standing set includes a Mardi Gras themed lamppost along with four Personalized signs to attach to it. The Mardi Gras Directional Signs are made of cardboard and measure 6 1/2 inches high x 2 feet wide.
  • Our Purple Masquerade Couple Standees are dressed in 1800's masquerade ball attire. The man is dressed in a purple coat with tails along with a pink ascot tie and half mask. The woman is wearing a pink and lavender ball gown and holding a feather mask on a stick. The cardboard Purple Masquerade Couple Standees are posed in such away it gives the illusion they're dancing. The free-standing cardboard cutouts measure 6 feet 2 inches high x 3 feet 2 inches long.
  • Our exclusive Masquerade Pianist Standee features a pianist in a purple coat with tails, baby grand piano, and a colorful masquerade mask perched atop the piano. Each Masquerade Pianist Standee measures 4 feet 9 inches high x 5 feet 9 inches wide and is made from sturdy cardboard. The free-standing Masquerade Pianist Standee is printed on one side.
  • The Masquerade Ball Mask Column features a fabric stretch column with a mask decorated with a purplish pink, white and periwinkle flourish pattern. The Masquerade Ball Mask Column measures 9 feet 7 inches high x 3 feet 10 inches wide. The reusable column has a wire frame with black stretch fabric and string lights to set your events mood. Each of the masks that sits atop the column is made of sturdy cardboard. Streamer may vary. 
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