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Halloween Background Murals

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Select and Customize your Halloween event with any of our Halloween Photo Backdrop and background illustrations. Choose your photos

Family Friendly Halloween Wall Scene Set

Halloween Wall Scene Set


Haunted Mansion


Haunted House Photo Backdrop

Haunted House


Graveyard Background

7 ft. 8 in. Graveyard Silhouette

7 ft. 8 in. Graveyard Silhouette

  • Our Family Friendly Halloween Wall Scene Set features the look of a black creepy tree with the full moon behind it with black flying bat accents Each Family Friendly Halloween Wall Scene Set includes one 32 12 wide x 65 long piece with additional bat cutouts that measure 17 to 7 and are made of plastic

  • Haunted Mansion background illustration design depicts all the aspects of a Halloween eve party. In the background the sky has all the colors of a glorious fall sunset. The tree is bare of leaves. The haunted house has tall turrets with lights to light your way to the haunted house. Two pumpkins greet you at the front walk as your guests imagine walking up the sidewalk to the haunted house. Notice on the black silhouetted fence a black cat greets you. The mural is lighted by the full moon shining down on the scene and the sky is full of flying bats to escort your guests for the evening's events.

  • What is Halloween is Halloween without a great old haunted house??? Well, our Haunted House background photo illustration will give you that essential part of Halloween traditional legends. Notice the irry purplish sky behind the old house. Bare trees surround the house giving that hallow feel. Do your guests dare imagine visiting this house on this Hollow Eve.

  • Halloween's history is remembering those that have past and their spirits. So, add a visual party of the history of Halloween with a cemetery tombstone illustration.

  • this great Graveyard Silhouette cardboard standee is 7 feet 8 inches high x 12 feet 2 inches wide x 1 foot deep. It's perfect to use as a backdrop at your next Halloween Party!

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