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Gossamer Party Supplies

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Glow Star Gossamer


Create Gorgeous Decorations! Gossamer is an extremely light, non-woven "fabric" that's used to create wonderful ceilings and walls, to wraparound columns, banisters and chairs to create gorgeous bows. It drapes and swags beautifully, making it decorating must-have for creating a number of different stunning looks!

Mardi Gras Gossamer

Patterned Gossamer


Gossamer is wonderful way to add a soft, but colorful touch to your decorations. No matter what your decorative theme select a patterned gossamer that will help create that magical background or draping for your next event


Gold Gossamer

Solid Gossamer


Solid Gossamer material makes a great backdrop, swag or curtain with their vibrant colors to accent other decorations. Gossamer is great for creating gorgeous ceilings, beautiful bows, sensational swags, and more! Gossamer is lightweight and sheer, making it ideal for draping and swagging.


Black and White Star Gossamer

Star Gossamer


Create a Starry Night! Gossamer makes super backdrops and is a wonderful accentor columns, walls, windows, floors, and ceilings. These star printed gossamers are a great decoration for your party or event. Create a galaxy swag or border rouse it to section off a special, quiet area of the party.


Green Shimmera Gossamer

Shimmera Gossamer

Add Elegance and Beauty. The soft, lightweight woven material has an iridescent appearance and radiates gorgeous hues as it captures the light.  Shimmera is wonderful for draping, covering tables, and creating breathtaking effect at your event.  Our Shimmera comes in 42" wide rolls and  20 yards (GSS422) long.


Shimmering Gold Taffeta

Taffeta Gossamer


Add Elegance with Radiance Taffeta! Use Radiance Taffeta toad a bold splash of color to walls, tables, photo backdrops, and more! this high-quality, sturdy material has a fabulous reflective finish. Add elegance to your dιcor in an instant! Choose red, gold, silver or blue.58" wide x 20 yd. rolls. Taffeta is a sturdy decorating material great for backdrops or curtains.

Royal Blue Metallic Gossamer

Metallic Gossamer

Metallic Gossamer comes in 60"x50 Yd Metallic Silver Roll Gossamer Fabric features: Guaranteed lowest prices! Over 50 color and pattern options! Use Gossamer to wrap columns, accent tables, or create shimmering backgrounds! Made from lightweight non-woven sheer material. Create deeper, richer colors simply by layering! Dark gossamer colors are not colorfast.

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