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City Party Prop Standees

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Create a winning city theme atmosphere with our city prop standee decorations from city street signs to times square skyline to create the ultimate metropolitan party scene. Combine all these with our city theme entrance, city landscape murals and illustrations, Personalized banners to create a metropolitan atmosphere for your party.

9 ft. 3 in. Lady Liberty Standee

Statue of Liberty Quick Kit

7 ft. Statue of Liberty Grand Standee

Statue of Liberty Grand Standee

Tall City Skyline 12' Set

Tall City Skyline

7 ft. 9 in. Big City Hot Dog Stand Prop

Big City Hot Dog Stand Prop

7 ft. 8 in. New York Newsstand

New York Newsstand


  • The Statue of Liberty Quick Kit will give your party the look of New York City. The head is 9 feet 3 inches high x 8 feet 1 inch wide and the arm is 9 feet 3 inches tall x 4 feet 3 inches wide one-sided printed cardboard and is easy to assemble. Just attach the pre-cut stand to the Lady Liberty Standee and your ready for a night on the town.

  • Our Statue of Liberty Grand Standee shows the iconic American landmark in all her glory. The Lady Liberty Standee measures 7 feet high x 2 feet 8 inches wide, is free-standing and printed on cardboard.

  • 12 ft. Tall City Skyline One Wish At Midnight Gate Battery candle lanterns add a soft glow from each side of the 9 1/2' high x 7' wide cardboard and corrugated gate. One Wish At Midnight Lamp Post Fencing Create a charming border to your dance floor with this fabulous fencing. The set includes four 9 1/2' high x 4 1/2' wide cardboard and corrugated sections; each section includes a lighted, plastic lamp post, a cobblestone base, and a fence. Buildings Set Bring the beauty of the big city to your event with these realistic, freestanding buildings. You will receive one 10' high x 2 1/2' wide building, one 7 1/2' high x 1 1/2' wide building, and one 5 1/2' x 4' wide building. Each building features a realistic mural front. 12' Tall City Skyline measures 12 feet tall x 31 feet 4 inches long. Made out of sturdy black cardboard.

  • Our Big City Hot Dog Stand Prop features a red and purple umbrella attached to the silver hot dog cart. The hot dog cart measures 7 feet 9 inches tall x 5 feet 3 inches wide x 2 feet 2 inches deep and is made from cardboard. The Big City Hot Dog Stand Prop is printed on all sides to give you the authentic city look!

  • The New York Newsstand has the look of a genuine newsstand with the hats, newspapers and magazines in the design. Each New York Newsstand measures 7 feet 8 inches tall x 6 feet wide x 2 feet deep and is printed on one side of cardboard. The New York Newsstand will complete your city look.

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