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Stress Free Party Planning

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Planning a Stress-Free Party will be easier if you just follow the steps listed below. Remember to use the guide and enjoy the results of all your hard work preparing your special occasion or event. Tyro be a guest and enjoy your own party stress free.

6 Basic Steps to Planning the Perfect "Stress-Free" Party

  • Select a theme for your event, this will help to determine the invites, food, favors and decorations.
  • Determine a budget and vow to stick to it.
  • Determine the menu based on the theme, your budget and your culinary skills. Keep it simple.
  • Create an outline/basic flow of the party from start to finish. Include games, Activities, meals, mingling, anything you can think offend then add one or two extras just in case.
  • Do as much as you can the night before the party to reduce any stress the day of the event. This includes preparing food, decorating, setting the table, straightening up, setting out the camera and film, organizing music, and selecting your party outfit and accessories.
  • Plan some down time before the party to relax. Remember, it's apart and Life should be more fun!






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