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    Planning a guest list take a lot of time and hard work. So the sooner you start your list the better. You will find that you will be making several drafts.

     When you have set a date for your event you can send out a notice or commonly called a save-the-date letter or card. This is a common practice for many a corporate or non-profit event to help groups plan their calendar year. But it is always appreciated by the private sector, especially for those who's lives are on a tight calendar schedule. Your thoughtful note of the upcoming event will be greatly appreciated.

     Invitations should go out six-to-eight weeks before your event; eight weeks to out-of-town guests for sure. Make it eight-to-ten weeks when it’s a holiday weekend like Labor Day, Memorial Day or Thanksgiving! Believe me, sending out your invitations and notices in a proper time frame is appreciated. see Invitation Etiquette



 Graphic Designer / Printers Information / Order Invitations:


Logo or Theme Chosen________________________________________

Paper Stock Chosen___________________________________________

Telephone:____________________________ Cell:___________________


Fax:____________________ E-mail:______________________________



Logo or Theme Chosen:________________________________________

Paper Stock Chosen:___________________________________________

Telephone:____________________________ Cell:___________________


Fax:____________________ E-mail:______________________________

Invitations Information Needed:


Color text: _______________________
Fonts chosen: _______________________
Use ___fancy calligraphy ___standard calligraphy

___handwriting style


Number of outside envelopes: ______
Number of invitations to be addressed: ______ 

Addressing inside envelopes? _______Y _______N 
If yes, number available: _____
Date needed: __________________Seating Cards ______Y ______N

Number of seating cards: _________

Number of seating cards to be written: _____

Copy this template, fill in information and send a copy to calligrapher. see Invitation Etiquette




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