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Latex Balloons

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Latex Balloons

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Different Types of Latex Balloons

  • Bright-tone latex balloons -traditional, bright, vivid colors.

  • Pearl latex balloons - soft pastel colors with pearlescent sheen.

  • Metallic latex balloons -opaque with iridescent reflective sheen.

  • Neon latex balloons are bright fluorescent colors

Latex Balloons

Assorted Bright Tone Latex Balloon

These Assorted Bright-Tone Latex Balloons will brighten up your event with a variety of colors. Our 11 inch balloons come in package of 100. Create fun balloon bouquets for your food table, gift table, and more.

Pearl Green Latex Balloons Lime Green Pearl Latex Balloon

Decorate for your party with our Green Pearl Latex Balloon. Our 11 inch Green Pearl Latex Balloons come in a package of 12 and 100. Use Green Pearl Latex Balloons to make amazing balloon bouquets and to add color to your party!

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